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AudiFlex Gold Plus Cable

Analog Audio RCA-to-RCA Left/Right Channel Pair

Audiflex Gold Plus

"The cable arrived today. It is very impressive in my system and I am very happy. What impressed me the most is the even presentation with no peaks and without a loss of detail. I am a River Cable fan and you make a great product at a great price. I now have your IC and speaker cable in my system and it sounds great to my ears." - Art Veves
Certified and Warranted River Cable Our AudiFlex Gold Plus cables feature the highest quality materials.

AudiFlex Gold Plus Cable pair features superior coaxial technology for delivering transparent analog audio signals from any of your home audio components to home theater amplifiers, home theater receivers, preamps, distribution amplifiers, and TVs.

AudiFlex Gold Plus cables are a pure plus for your high-end audio components or for patch connections, hi-fi transistor or vacuum tube gear, and even for performance or stage use. Featuring the finest 22AWG solid oxygen free copper conductor that rejects EMI and RFI interference. In addition, AudioFlex Gold Plus cables offer a uniform impedance transition from cable to connector ensures perfect acoustic transmission.

 Audiflex Gold Plus for Pure Sound
  • Finest 22AWG solid oxygen free copper cable rejects EMI and RFI for low capacitance and resistance
  • Heavy gauge dual shielded conductor lets the signal through, not the noise
  • Canare gold tipped RCA connectors
  • Sold in pairs, L/R channel (non-directional)
 Audiflex Gold Plus for Pure Performance
 Audiflex Gold Plus for Pure Style
  • Deep sapphire blue & jet black cables, safeguarded with RiverSlinx™ Gold FX mesh