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You know what pure performance is all about. Entertainment at its best. The magic of front row sound from your favorite CD or vinyl, the chill of a single blood curdling scream in the shadow on the wide screen. River Cable brings it all home to you and then some. Handcrafted digital audio cables and digital audio interconnects with killer style. Designed to perform. Technologically innovative. Sensibly priced. No one else individually tests and certifies the actual performance of each cable like River Cable. We give you the actual test results "proof positive." You'll hear the difference bar-none. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy.

The DigiFlex™ Story

For years, we have manufactured custom cable assemblies for professional sound & film studios and for the broadcast radio & TV industry. Using professional components, our assemblies have set the standards for high fidelity recording. When we first made DigiFlex™ available to audiophiles, the response was tremendous. Reviewers have extolled the virtues of these honest products and their exceptional value. We have and will continue to add to the list of no nonsense professional products we translate into the audiophile market.

See the Proof...Hear the Difference


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DigiFlex™ Gold

The RC original innovation, all purpose RCA-RCA

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DigiFlex™ Gold Plus

"DigiFlex™ on steroids"; ultimate performance & value

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DigiFlex™ Gold Pro AES

Digital XLRM-XLRF, superlative AES/EBU audio