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DigiFlex Gold Audio Cable

"The Original" Digital Audio RCA-to-RCA Interconnect

DigiFlex Gold

"I can not believe this value." - Jiho Jang
Certified and Warranted River Cable Our DigiFlex Gold cables are also available with BNC connectors.

DigiFlex Gold Digital Audio Cables were originally developed by our engineers for the most demanding audiophiles, and are often imitated. Corey Greenberg called it "the best performance I've heard from a digital cable..."

Designed for serial digital data transmission with minimal signal return loss, it's the ideal digital audio cable for all of your home theater components, and home audio systems requiring digital audio output: Blu-ray or DVD digital audio to Dolby Digital/DTS processor, home theater receiver to DVD or digital preamp, minidisc, S/PDIF, SACD, D/A converters, and more!

 Digiflex Gold for Pure Sound
  • Extra flexible 24AWG High Flex stranded bare copper cable
  • Unique polyethylene dielectric for low capacitance and resistance
  • True impedance matched 75ohm Canare gold tipped RCA connectors
  • Individually tested to meet our industry leading low group delay specification
 Digiflex Gold for Pure Performance
 Digiflex Gold for Pure Style
  • A single amethyst purple cable, safeguarded with RiverSlinx™ Gold FX mesh