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FLEXYGY™ 6 Speaker Cable

Flat & Flexible 6-Conductor Loudspeaker Cable

Flexygy 6 Conductor
Sold as Stereo Pairs (2 Cables) or as Single Cables

"I received them on Wednesday, and was impressed with them right away. They have added a new level of bass extension and detail to my system, as well as great imaging and soundstaging...your web site accurately portrays everything about the FLEXYGY'S. Nice job!" - Gerald Deman
Certified and Warranted River Cable Ear Candy advertisement from Flexygy 6's launch

The best speaker cable in its price range, bar none! For a center stage listening experience you can't beat, give a listen to Flexygy 6's full-extended bass and true treble. This unique flat cable delivers the clarity and pure performance of cables costing many, many times more. Flexygy's flat topology is the secret behind its unique ratio of low resistance to capacitance. An ideal hideaway cable, Flexygy is an installation dream; under carpets, along baseboards, with a flexibility that can't be beat in its gauge. World-class capability without breaking the bank account. Learn more about Flexygy in our Engineer's Corner

"I very recently purchased a pair of your Flexygy 6 speaker cables. Until very recently I never heard of this product or your company. My decision to purchase this product was solely based on reviews from various magazines but mainly from people like myself who bought them.

Having purchased other cables in the past and knowing there is a period of "burn-in" before the cables really show what they can do I was not expecting a vast or even noticeable improvement initially. Boy, was I surprised. These are wonderful speaker cables. With less than a few hours on them I noticed an improvement in almost all areas, sound stage, definition, separation of instruments, bass and hopefully as they do break in even better performance.

For me what is remarkable is that if I was replacing lamp cord or the like maybe I would not be so surprised but while I won't mention the make and model of what I had they were from a very reputable company with a solid reputation for excellent audio cables.

I would also like to mention I purchased these during a special you had this past summer and got them for a very good price and the delivery was prompt.

I wish all my purchases could be like this one (maybe in OZ)

Thank you again."- Rick Maciejko
 Flexygy 6-Conductor for Pure Sound
  • 6 x 16 AWG in parallel, for an aggregate value of 8.5 AWG
  • Effective gauge per hot/return conductor is 11 AWG
  • Hyper fine stranded 4 Sigma laminar copper
  • 0.015" conductor insulation with 0.030" lead- and cadmium-free polymer jacket
  • 0.60" wide x 0.180" thick (15mm x 4.8mm)
  • Exclusive gold plated expanding banana plugs or gold 1/4" (0.25"/6.35mm between forks, 0.4375"/11.11mm overall width) spade cable lugs
 Flexygy 6-Conductor for Pure Performance
  • Capacitance: 41 pF/ft
  • DC Resistance: 0.003 ohms/ft
  • Velocity Factor: 0.87
  • Inductance: 200 nHy/ft
 Flexygy 6-Conductor for Pure Style
  • Available as single cables or cable pairs; flat, fexible, & fabulous in River Cable Deepest Amazon blue