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FLEXYGY™ 8 Speaker Cable

Available in Bi-wire & Straight Configurations!

Flexygy 8 Conductor
Sold as Stereo Pairs (2 Cables) or as Single Cables

"Please let the appropriate folks know that these [Flexygy] speaker cables are just fantastic. The price/value quotient is really high! The locking bananas — how can one go back to anything else?" - Stephen Dreher
Certified and Warranted River Cable Flexygy 8 Cables featuring our locking banana plugs

For unsurpassed speaker cable performance, our FLEXYGY 8 conductor, flat and flexible cables really fill the bill. Low capacitance in speaker cables is especially important with dynamic coil* speakers. FLEXYGY 8's capacitance specification is an extremely low 10 pF/ft. ! Flexygy 8's unique flat topology, and tremendous amount of copper contained in its 8 conductors, are some of the secrets behind its unique ratio of low resistance to capacitance. And Flexygy 8 is an installation dream; under carpets, along baseboards, with a flexibility that can't be beat in a cable of this gauge. World-class capability without breaking the bank account.

Flexygy 8 Cables ship in 36 - 72 hours.
"About the cable...I have had the opportunity to hear three other cables between my Maggies 1.7 and the Parasound Halo amps driving them. The original Kimber 8TC, then Tellurium Q Black, lastly, the old Radio Shack heavy braided cables, and finally yours. I clearly started at the wrong end because your cables blew the others out of the water! Well, the River Cables really sound like nothing! Or to say it another way, there is a sense of openness and ease that makes the other cables sound congested. I hear all manner of nuance on familiar records that I didn't realize was there, and my wife agrees. How nice, for your future customers, that River cables cost less than either the Kimber or Tellurium. In fact, I paid $500 for ten feet of Q Black, and less than $400 for eight meters of River cable! Now I have absolutely first rate cables that are long enough to let me manipulate speaker placement, and my wife thinks I am brilliant! Thanks for a remarkable product and best wishes for more success...and I really like the locking bananas with such substantial cables hanging from them." - Steve Geibel
 Flexygy 8-Conductor for Pure Sound
  • 8 x 16 AWG in parallel, for an aggregate value of 7 AWG
  • Bi-wire effective gauge, source end: 10 AWG
  • Bi-wire effective gauge, target end: 13 AWG
  • Straight configuration effective gauge, both ends: 10AWG
  • Hyper fine stranded 4 Sigma laminar copper
  • 0.020" conductor insulation with 0.030" lead- and cadmium-free polymer jacket
  • 1.130" wide x 0.210" thick (28.7mm x 5.3mm)
  • Exclusive gold plated expanding banana plugs, gold plated pins, or gold 1/4" (0.25"/6.35mm between forks, 0.4375"/11.11mm overall width) spade cable lugs
 Flexygy 8-Conductor for Pure Performance
  • Capacitance: 10 pF/ft
  • DC Resistance: 0.003 ohms/ft
  • Velocity Factor: 0.87
  • Inductance: 300 nHy/ft
 Flexygy 8-Conductor for Pure Style
  • Available as single cables or cable pairs in both straight and bi-wire configurations; flat, flexible, & fabulous in River Cable Deepest Amazon blue
 Straight Configurations




 Bi-Wire Configurations

Bi-Wire 2Banana/4Banana

Bi-Wire 2 Banana/4 Spade

Bi-Wire 2 Spade/4 Banana

Bi-Wire 2 Spade/4 Spade