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HDMI & DVI Digital Cables

Premium quality HDMI and DVI cables



Certified and Warranted River Cable Premium quality HDMI and DVI cables from River Cable.

Great High Speed HDMI Cables and DVI-D Cables that both offer full HD resolutions and features, and are both in-wall rated! Our featured HDMI cables are high bandwidth for high speed data transfer, support up to 4K resolutions (2160p), 3D video, Deep Color, and are Ethernet enabled.

Like the majority of other online home theater cable providers, we do not make HDMI or DVI cable ourselves. Rather, we searched a long time to find cables that met or exceeded HDMI and DVI performance standards, and were more than capable of reliably carrying digital video signals for long distances without information loss. And just like all our handcrafted cables, the result is a really great performance to VALUE ratio, for you! Select HDMI and SonicWave DVI-D cables PERFORM!!

Since we don't manufacture these cables in house, we are unable to provide custom lengths.

 HDMI for Pure Picture and Pure Performance
  • HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a standard closely related to DVI, in that HDMI uses the same digital encoding scheme. However in an all HDMI cable, the digital audio signal is also carried along the same cable with the digital video signal. Further, since HDMI and DVI use the same digital encoding scheme, you can connect a DVI-D device to an HDMI device using an HDMI to DVI cable. This type of connection however, will not carry digital audio, so a separate audio cable will be needed, and can be either analog or digital, depending on the equipment being connected. We carry both HDMI to HDMI, and HDMI to DVI-D cables, with HDMI to DVI-D cables performing out to as much as 20 meters (65 feet) with no signal degradation.
  • HDMI - 28 AWG copper conductors with foamed PE insulation
  • HDMI - Gold-plated HDMI Type A connectors with durable protective connector shells
  • HDMI - 4K@50/60 resolution(2160p), which is 4 times the clarity of 1080p/60 video resolution
  • HDMI - High bandwidth (340 MHz/10.2 Gbps) for high speed data transfer in lengths up to 7M
  • HDMI - Dolby® True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio and up to 32 audio channels for a multi-dimensional immersive audio experience
  • HDMI - Up to 1536kHz audio sample frequency for the highest audio fidelity
  • HDMI - HDMI Ethernet Channel (when used with HDMI Ethernet channel supported source and sync equipment)
  • HDMI - CL2-rated cable jacket for in-wall applications
 DVI for Pure Picture and Pure Performance
  • DVI (Digital Video Interface) is a standard designed by the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG) that employs twisted-pair cable rather than coaxial cable to carry high bit rate digital video without error correction. This type of construction usually results in problems with signal degradation over distance. At a distance of only a few feet, any well made DVI cable will do fine; but at long lengths and high resolutions, cable quality becomes a factor of critical importance. A poor cable will cause bit errors leading to "sparkles" on the display or even complete loss of signal. Our DVI-D cables are tested and will perform perfectly at 1080i and 1080p resolutions, all the way out to 20 meters (65 feet), with no observable signal degradation.
  • DVI - two 80%+ Oxygen Free Copper braids and 100% Mylar foil combine for full shielding against EMI/RFI interference
  • DVI - 24-karat gold-plated connectors ensure superior signal transfer and a lifetime of dependable performance
  • DVI - Cable performs completely to DVI-D specifications
  • DVI - Performs to DVI-D Dual Link bandwidth performance parameters
  • DVI - CL2-rated cable jacket for in-wall applications
 HDMI and DVI for Pure Style
  • For connecting HDTV's, Digital Flat Panel Displays and other components with HDMI or DVI-D Connections, to Digital DVD Players, Digital A/V Receivers, and other equipment with HDMI or DVI-D connections