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For more information about River Cable or to request a press kit, please contact press@rivercable.com or call toll free 888-92-RIVER (888-927-4837).

River Cable Reviews

"These are the type of cables best suited for long runs to minimize resistive losses and amplifier stability issues of marginally stable amplifier designs. It's particularly important to use low capacitance cables when powering ESL type speakers on tube amps. In this instance, the Flexygy 8 seem to be the most appropriate cable design I have seen commercially produced..." - Gene DellaSala, September 2005 Audioholics

"They don't promote nonsense such as diode rectification, skin effect, dielectric absorption, or the moon gravitational flux density affecting the electric field polarization wrecking havoc on the sonic performance of the cables. Instead they produce cables that measure as well as they look." - Gene DellaSala, May 2004 Audioholics

Audiophile Audition
"A friend was so impressed with the sound he immediately borrowed my set after I had finished my review." - Brian Bloom, April 2004 Audiophile Audition

"River Cables obviously knows what they are doing and has an unabashed success on their hands." - Kevin Hartle, March 2004 UpcomingDiscs.com

HT Advice.com
"...maintenance free, rock-solid speaker cables backed by a lifetime warranty...you will always know that your speakers are solidly connected." - March 2004 HT Advice.com

"...I was very pleased with their overall performance. I found the FLEXYGYs cleaner and more transparent than our custom built reference cables..." - Jim Bray, February 2004 TechnoFile

The Stereo Times
"The outstanding build quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship of the cables...the FLEXYGY 6 speaker cable and Star Flex subwoofer cable, was readily apparent right out of their box..." - Nelson Brill, January 2004 Stereo Times

Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity
"River Cable obviously knows how to compete...Their cables are beautifully built, they sound great, have some features that others do not, and are an excellent value for the dollar." - John E. Johnson, Jr., January 2004 Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity

Positive Feedback Online
"...the River folks know exactly what they're doing...Highly recommended" - Thomas Campbell, December 2003 Positive Feedback Online

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