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VPX Pro 5

5 Channel RGB(HV) Component Video Cable

VPX Pro Series 5


Certified and Warranted River Cable Our VPX Pro 5 cables are also available with BNC connectors.

The move up to 5 channel cable ensures you incredible bandwidth, remarkable color accuracy, and pro picture definition. Perfect for HDTV, RGB(HV) Switchers, projectors, video scalers, and all analog or digital video equipment featuring RGB(HV) input/output.

 VPX Pro 5 for Pure Sound
  • Top quality, extremely flexible 22 AWG solid annealed copper coax in 5 channels: red, green, blue, white, and yellow
  • Low loss foam polyethylene dielectric and dual shields
  • Your choice of True 75 ohm impedance matched gold tipped Canare connectors: RCA-RCA (most common), BNC-BNC, BNC-RCA
  • Non-directional
 VPX Pro 5 for Pure Performance
  • Conductor DC Resistance: <17.1 ohms/1000 ft.
  • Shield DC Resistance: <4.3 ohms/1000 ft.
  • Capacitance DC Resistance: 17 pF/ft.
  • Nominal Impedance: 75 ohms
  • Nominal Loss: 3.7 db/100 ft at 135 MHz
  • 100% foil shield and >91% braid shield
 VPX Pro 5 for Pure Style
  • A single onyx black cable, safeguarded with RiverSlinx™ Gold FX mesh