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StarFlex SPX Speaker Cable
Bi-Amp & Bi-Wire

14 Gauge Speaker Cable - 4-14 AWG conductors

StarFlex SPX Bi-Amp
Sold as Stereo Pairs (2 Cables) or as Single Cables


Certified and Warranted River Cable Starflex SPX Bi-Amp are also available with pin connectors

Amazing performance at an exceptional value. StarFlex SPX Bi-Amp & Bi-Wire speaker cables virtually eliminate EMI while offering 14AWG minimum resistance and excellent frequency response due to low capacitance. Perfect for long runs and for your power amplifier subwoofer systems.

Bi-Amp available with locking banana, spade, and banana-spade connectors, for bi-amp applications where the speaker and the amplifier have two sets of outputs.

Bi-Wire available with spade, pin, or locking banana connectors for bi-wire applications where the speaker has two sets of inputs but the amplifier has one set of outputs.

 StarFlex SPX Bi-Amp, Bi-Wire
  for Pure Sound
  • Highest performance 14 gauge, 4 conductor Quad Cable speaker cable for superior EMI noise reduction
  • Special polyethylene dielectric for low capacitance and high velocity factor
  • Exclusive gold plated locking banana plugs, gold 1/4" (0.25"/6.35mm between forks, 0.4375"/11.11mm overall width) spade cable lugs, or combinations of bananas and spades
  • In Bi-Amp Configurations - Each cable has 4 connectors on each end
  • In Bi-Wire Congigurations - Each cable has 2 connectors on one end, 4 connectors on the other
 StarFlex SPX Bi-Amp, Bi-Wire
  for Pure Performance
  • Conductor DC Resistance: 2.7 ohms/1000 ft
  • Nominal Capacitance: 57 pF/ft
  • 14AWG 4 conductor double balanced paired cable
 StarFlex SPX Bi-Amp, Bi-Wire
  for Pure Style
  • A single midnight black cable, safeguarded with RiverSlinx™ Gold FX mesh
 Bi-Amp Configurations

Bi-Amp 4-Banana/4-Banana

Bi-Amp 4-Spade/4-Spade

Bi-Amp 4-Spade/4-Banana

 Bi-Wire Configurations

Bi-Wire 2-Banana/4-Banana

Bi-Wire 2-Spade/4-Spade

Bi-Wire 2-Banana/4-Spade