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StarFlex Subwoofer Cable

"Power Perfect" RCA-to-RCA Single Channel Subwoofer

StarFlex Subwoofer


Certified and Warranted River Cable The River Cable tag (shown here on out subwoofer cable) indicates that this cable has passed our tests before it ever leaves our guild shop.

Thunderous response! StarFlex Subwoofer cables are designed and engineered to deliver super signal power from your amp to your active subwoofer. Ideal for single channel powered subwoofer connection.

Made with coaxially designed 22AWG stranded copper center conductor cable, and with meticulously hand crimped gold-plated RCA connectors, the quality of this cable is only exceeded by the power in the sound. StarFlex Subwoofer features dual high-density copper braid shields and unique special foamed dielectric that together provides superior noise rejection and elimination of amplifier noise.

StarFlex Subwoofer in elegant black, safeguarded with RiverSlinx™ Gold FX mesh protection.

 StarFlex Subwoofer for Pure Sound
  • Top flight 22AWG stranded center conductor cable for flexibility, low capacitance and resistance
  • Top of the line gold-plated RCA connectors meticulously hand assembled in our Hudson Valley Guild Shop
  • Special polyethylene dielectric for low capacitance and high velocity factor
  • Non-directional
 StarFlex Subwoofer for Pure Performance
  • Stranded conductor for added flexibility and expanded frequency response
  • Shields: >95% over 92% Bare Copper High Density Braid.
  • Conductor DC Resistance: <15.3 ohms/1000 ft.
  • Shield DC Resistance: <1.8 ohms/1000 ft.
  • Nominal Capacitance: 21.0 pF/ft at 1KHz
 StarFlex Subwoofer for Pure Style
  • A single elegant black cable, safeguarded with RiverSlinx™ Gold FX mesh