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VGA Pro Gold

VGA & VGA Breakout Cables for Component Analog Video

VGA Pro Gold


Certified and Warranted River Cable Our VGA breakout cables are available with RCA and BNC connectors.

Unbeatable performance and flexibility! Designed and engineered to unlock the full potential of your HDTV, satellite receiver, line doubler, monitor, home theater computer, projection TV, and any of your high end components requiring 15 pin or 15pin-BNC/RCA connection.

 VGA Pro Gold for Pure Sound
  • Your choice of 15pin - 15pin, 15pin - BNC, or 15pin - RCA
  • Top of the line 31 AWG 5 channel coaxial cable; red, green, blue, white, & yellow. Extremely flexible
  • Unique foam polyethylene dielectric for extremely low loss
  • Exceptionally flexible, 5 channel (red/green/blue/white/yellow)
  • Non-directional
 VGA Pro Gold for Pure Performance
  • < 2.2 nS/1000ft timing differential
  • Conductor DC Resistance: <129.2 ohms/1000 ft.
  • Shield DC Resistance: <10.1 ohms/1000 ft.
  • Capacitance: 21 pF/ft.
  • Nominal Impedance: 75 ohms
  • Normal Loss: 12.6dB/100ft. at 135MHz.
  • Premium HD15 pin VGA connectors, and true impedance matched 75 ohm gold tipped Canare RCA & BNC connectors on breakout versions
  • 31 AWG stranded copper conductor
 VGA Pro Gold for Pure Style
  • A single onyx black cable, safeguarded with RiverSlinx™ Gold FX mesh
 Straight Configurations

15 Pin (M)/15 Pin (M)

15 Pin (M)/15 Pin (F)

15 Pin (F)/15 Pin (F)

15 Pin (M)/RCA

15 Pin (F)/RCA

15 Pin (M)/BNC

15 Pin (F)/BNC